Tasty Tidbit – Oct 20/10

Zombie Jesus

Infectious – Part 1

If thou layest upon a bed of addictions
Wilt thou not be consumed by them?
If thou layest upon a bed of lies
Wilt thou not be destroyed by them?

If thou place the edge of thy sword upon my brow
Wouldst I not feel threatened by thy intent?
If thou taketh the life from my body violently
Wouldst I not feel the need to re-compensate?

If thou lay the remains of the bloody shell I am
Upon a bed of hallowed ground and goodly thoughts;
Wouldst I not return, larger than the life before?
Wouldst I not feel the need, once again, to feed?

If thou see my arise and approach with fearful tread
Wouldst thou run away, screaming into the night?
If thou welcomed my return from the unseemly dead
Wouldst thou be willing to join my Team, Team Zombie?

About ZombieZak

I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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