November 2/10 – Cloud and Shadow

Cloud Shadow

I’m Cloud, I’m loud and I’m not going away.

I am a creature of intellect and prose
I shriek out at the very drop of a rose.
Spiritual avatar of life and living
I reek of the stuff of grieving.

I’m Shadow, I follow and I’m always here.

I am a creature of wisdom and poise
I speak of dreams and nightmare’s toys.
The guise I wear is one such to hide
The very essence of that which I abide.

Truth is an ugly little thing which so many espouse,
Epiphanies and cascades of crazy egotistical cows
Are the want and worry of life’s erratic decays
Even like this one, slowly going farther away.

Terrible joy and terrible tragedy always follow me;
Like a lake of lucid thoughts and splatteringly.
There is both doubt and certainty at each crossing
The more so with every stitch and embossing!

Know you not the means by which I race across time?
By its merits, its measure, its rambunctious rhyme?
There is nowhere that I cannot go, if I want to
Anything at all is pretty much what I can do.

Kernels of life, popping up salty and bright.
Fear filled things staying up every night.
Swirling strays of distant spewing ways
All mixed up in various states of decay.

Are we clear on the purpose that I bring here?
Surface thoughts and casual thoughts obscene?
We are what we are, we carry no guilt or shame
And that’s where everybody else lends the blame!

Knife like fury, raging against the panes of infinity
Gnawing into the deepest recesses of my affinity
I don’t know what the end of life will bring to one
But I do know that I certainly intend to have fun.

About ZombieZak

I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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