November 8/10 – Rant it now!


Twitter me this and twitter me that.
Who’s afraid of the final big splat?

What is this thing that sits before me? Is it the end of the story, the morning glory? I find myself all a quiver with anticipation, knowing full well that what comes is the final emancipation. Be quick, be quiet, be like the spiritual diet and sit back within the shade and watch how the zombies are made.

With special precision, cat like reflexes and life less derision, we’ll cast out the living and replace them with ungiving. The lot of the dead, will rest upon thy head, ‘pon the crux and the cruel, lifeless dinner subjects, meal and gruel. Rally round, rally round, fling the global dichotomies to the ground.

I am a zombie, and I will not deny. The truth is a fiction, and I will not lie. You living have had it so easy for so long, now it’s the dead’s turn to try and correct all the wrong. We’ll clean up the planet, make it shiny and new. There may be some gore, some blood and some goo.

But, don’t worry, don’t wear a long face, we have great plans on splattering up the place. No stone left unturned, no shadow un-plumbed. The grass will be greener, once we are all done. Without warning, a suggested shadow, a hulk, a dead creature that lurches about. Fear not, the zombies are here, we’ll protect you .. or not.

Pick up your livelihood and cast about for a portent. The seasons of change are ripe for a new form of existence. We shall not waver in the execution of our duties, for they are as clear to see as the plain light to which we all are drawn nightly. Bring me a cup, a flank and surly dog named Frank. I shall put paid to the nay-sayers and build an empire of doom. For now and for ever more, the zombies will come knocking on your door.

So if you feel kind of empty, sort of like you’re going to explode. Come on over to Zombie Zak’s land, you’ll be sure to be told. It’s OK to be a zombie, but it’s better to be a horde!

Come one, come all, to the banner of Team Zombie! We will turn no one away, all are welcome in our embrace. It’s the end of the world, you see, the end of the Human race!

May the splatter be batter, to your heart’s burbling content; it’s the little details that natter, when all the grey matter hits the pavement and spatters!

Have a nice Apocalypse! We’ll be seeing you soon enough!

About ZombieZak

I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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