Nov 16/10


Bitten – by Zombie Zak

A blank screen.
A fate left unwritten.
A hand turned against Beast and Man.
A life once bitten.

All elements of being congeal into the makeup of life.
Our moments of glory, our thoughts of happiness, joy;
The different things that make us the individuals that we are.
Separately, we are microcosmic phlegm on the Earth.
Scratching our existence raw from the soil we tread upon.
Each turn of a leaf, each jab into the wound into the ground.
And still we stand. Collectively, as a bunch of individuals,
Never as a commonly united species of understanding.

Many gifts we number that we spill upon this land we inhabit.
Laughter, song, dance, thoughts of Brightness connected.
Children scattering throughout a township’s commons
The blessings of many people united by their kinship
A closeness to life, a freedom to wonder about existence
Both mundane and sublime; a feature of contemplation.

Many dooms we birth from out of barren souls, wretchedness.
Hatred, fear, disease, weapons of destruction and ill purpose.
Black hands of shadow puppets silently stalking across life
Infecting the living with misdeeds and caustic toxicity
A death that creeps with the face of innocence blackened
Both fearsome and hungry; a regret of sophistication.

The weight of being human, and alive, and during this time.
It fills with both wonder and disdain, at how much good and bad
Is wrought by our hands, those that we call our brethren and kin.
The end will arrive in its appointed hour, we all will be there then
And truly the only measurement worth caring for at that moment
Is whether or not, as an individual, were we true to ourselves?
Or whether we allowed ourselves to willfully forget our connections?
In the end, we are what we are; but there is more that we could be.

An indelible example.
An altruistic experiment.
An existence full of Nature and Man.
An opportunity to excel.

About ZombieZak

I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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