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The Year 2010 – It’s practically finished now. All used up. Where did it go?

I don’t know about you, but this year has been an odd one. Something both neat and nifty and downright spiffy; but at the same time, a tad disquieting to say the least. For the most part, this year has flown past me, grabbing up all of my time, my energy and every last bit of effort to remain sane amongst this wanton sea of capriciousness. I’ve managed to keep my head with me, even though I’m more than just a little dead.

I wanted more out of this year now being put to bed; but, alas, that was not to be. I will, however admit, that it has been a “building year”, much like the lament that many sports teams tend to put out, when they want to admit they did not win the season. I will admit, this year did not find me winning; perhaps drawn to a tie, but bouncing forward and exuberantly blatant about the brightness, not so much. But, as there is still brightness that must needs be enough.

Frustrated and hampered by circumstances to which I can point to and name, but not wrest the way that I wanted them to be wrested, I am still the being that I have always been, but I’ve remained tamped down, essentially reigned in. I would have liked to experience other new things, tasted other new delicious springs. But this was not to be the case.

I did, however, merit the time well spent, engaging with new friends, new people with whom to reach out and connect with; and for this, I am happy. I always appreciate the connection with a new soul, a different spark, a sense of something else to question. Both in real life and online, these connections mean much to me as I consider them all a part of the greater design by which I structure much of my life. I like to interact with people, and surprisingly enough, above all else, this is a greater realization that I’ve acquired this year.

Let it suffice, that this be my eulogy for the year of our dreadness, 2010. There is much to say thanks for in this time that has past; and there is much that is best left buried in its bed of dust and forgotten paths. This year was grim for many a soul, much more so than the darkness with which I’ve walked through; for my path is ever at the periphery of the greater darks. I am but a simple soul, with desires both great and humble. I do, indeed have plans for taking over the Earth; but I also recognize that some of that plan requires additional work and effort. This conquest will not happen in just a short time, but the plan progresses steadily enough regardless of how much I might insist. To all those souls to whom greater dark was dropped into your laps, I bid you Brightness and the hope that you shall overcome such adversities and become more complete within context of yourselves.

To no soul, would I ever desire to see pain or suffering or a malignant thought; to no creature of greatness or small, would I cherish tumult. And to all that exist, with a hand reaching out, I bid thee good luck and the seeds of a dream. I will not bore you with the adages to which I cling, of how Brightness is more than what I can bring. I will, however, lay upon thy brow, this hopeful thought: You are whomever you wish to be, if you but choose within to be that being. Nobody can gainsay you the image that you place upon your own brow, the mask (be it real or otherwise) that you use to represent yourself; it is your call, your choice, your desire be it as it may, that whatever face you wear, is the one that you want to be remembered for.

I reach out to everyone, and welcome you to my castle. For it is from here, that I shall wrest free the reigns of Life and bring forth my conquering engines. I welcome you all, to my team, Team Zombie. And for your participation in my endeavors, I shall number you friends. And we shall overtake the light, the dark and all those things that fritter between and betwixt the capricious and the unformed, and shall set it straight, both here on the land of imagination, and there upon the tapestry of stars.

The grass is no longer green, in this season of change and tumult. We gather our energies as we brace for the year to come towards new, fresh and full of a vitality to which we must pit our wits and survive against the new designs of this freshly decanted year. The work will be difficult, of this I will not lie; many things will have to happen, while this year just dies. I will buckle up my newfound treasures, small as they may be, and boldly stride forth into this new year with dignity.

I will not enumerate the things that I’ve let sour my disposition periodically through this year; I will instead remain upbeat, as I am ever wont to do. I will look forward at this new year, and stand ready to take up either shield or spear or pruning shear to welcome in the next bucket of possibility. With this decree, I thee spread, if it’s better to be dead, it’s better to be bled.

We shall overcome. We shall procure more of the brightness within and without. We shall re-commence our projects left to run fallow in the fields of our mind’s landscape. And we shall take up action against the dread and mediocre. We shall not go quietly into the little places that seek to ruin our only time upon the plains of the living. We shall speak out loudly in support of our fiends and fellows. We shall not run from the dismal fates that lay in wait before us. We shall find new opportunities, new friends, new connections and new brightnesses to freshen the path that we remain attached to.

We shall become, the new year.

Do more. Do better. Do it, do it again. And be sure of yourself, and your path within it. I have confidence in you and am happy to be your friend if you’ll let me be.

Welcome to Team Zombie! If you haven’t already, please make sure to tip your server … they offer up some good brains and cookies – a wonderful combination to ring in the new year.

2011 – we’re coming for you; I hope you’re ready! Because, I’m sure as sugar ready for something new.

Infect the planet!




This year, it’s personal.

May the Zombie, be with you …. and you and you and you!

Be Brightness.

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I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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