Comic Book Reviews by Zombie Zak – January 12/2011

Comic Book Reviews by Zombie Zak – January 12/2011

The biggest problem with comics is that the story comes in chunks. Short, quick, vicious chunks. And, when those chunks keep making you want more, then you’ve got a good comic series going. When the chunks just sit there like slabs of meat lying on the floor, well, then you’ve got that.


Warlord of Mars #2 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Love the Joe Jusko cover, but the story is slowly developing. Setting the stage for the larger story, one hopes, but plodding along, moving at the pace of a comic book. Love how Tars’ back story has been integrated. And still thinking it’s neat how first half of book is John’s story, and the second half is Tars’.

On the down side, I think the series is setting itself up for fail, by trying to “Conan-esque” its story telling style. I’m willing to let it continue trying to find its voice, but the interior is not yet making up to match some beautiful covers. But, we hope it gets better.


Heroes for Hire #2 (Marvel)

Dude! Ghost Rider … always a plus for me. Story is pretty straight forward, I like it; really like the Puppet Master angle going on this one so far. It’s rather nifty so far, and just a wee bit on the: “Oh, goodness; that’s dark.” And dude, Ghost Rider!


Dark Tower: The Gunslinger -The Little Sisters of Eluria) #2 (Marvel)

This is the second issue of the latest King derived comic series. I love the artwork in all of these series so far – beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

This issue continues what started previously but doesn’t really advance the story much yet. I love the decidedly wicked mythos behind the Sisters and am looking forward to more of the story unfolding. The bugs, that was nice.

This series has taken a different tack from the previous ones, in that the story is much more “smaller”, i.e.: focused on fewer characters. Just Roland, the Sisters, a mob of mutants, some bugs and another young man. Very simple storytelling, and I look forward to seeing more of the tale develop.


Hack/Slash – Me Without You (One Shot) (Image)

I love this series. Have since the very beginning. The premise makes me happy. This is a one shot focusing on Vlad’s origins before he met up with Hack. Just a happy go lucky “found” son of a Butcher man. Innocent and free, carefree and happy. Mostly. And now we find out he’s the son of ….? Oh my!


Spawn #200 (Image)

Love the covers, and that’s something I can always say about Spawn comics. Only picked this one up because it’s the big “oooo, 200th issue”. And yes, I picked up all the covers (’cause I’m like that.) I have been “out” from reading Spawn for a while now; I haven’t been keeping up with the Spawnses, but I liked where this issue was going. The whole metaphysical/philosophical “meaning of it all” wrapped around the air of violence and fun that Spawn comics are usually so chock full of.


Well, Team. That was my first entry in what I hope to become a regular bit for my blog here. Comic Book Reviews! You know you want them, you know you need them, now I’m gonna give them to ya. (Not to be mistaken with the thousand and one other individuals doing likewise, I’m, like, fer sure).

Have fun, read well and don’t say that I didn’t warn ya! Oh, and enjoy the cookies … they could save your life!


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  1. Hey Zee, I have the first issue of King’s Gunslinger, thanks for the review, and I still have all the original Luke Cage Hero for Hire, which I was reminded of with the heros for hire. I always Likded the ghost rider, so I’ll consider that.

    Thanks, Zee

    I also have some rare comics from when Iwas a kid, like Sabertooth’s first appearance. I used to be a big comic book buff!!

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