Comic Book Reviews by Zombie Zak – January 17/2011

Comic Book Reviews by Zombie Zak – January 19/2011


Wolverine #5 (Marvel)

Wolverine….ahhh, what’s to be said about old adamantium claws dude that’s not already been said? Well, I’ve not been collecting Wolverine for awhile. I picked this up because I love the cover and have been particularly fond of every cover of Jae Lee’s that I’ve seen since his work on the Gunslinger series. The story is fine, the characters are OK. I liked the appearance of his dad out of the blue, that was neat. Loved seeing Puck in Hell, too! That was hilarious.

Overall, an OK book, but I bought this one for the cover; but, that’s just me.

Mediterranea #2 (SG)

Still trying to figure out some of the material from this imprint. This series is a fun and irreverent (almost Heavy Metal like; and overtones thereof abound) “pretty girl becomes the chosen one” in a world full of “dark” fairies type story; I think. It’s only the second issue, the artwork is very stylistic (and I happen to like it a lot) but I’m still not too sure of how the story is going to unfold. I see shades of Fathom and (Heavy Metal’s) The Iron Tower. It has a good flair for the fantasy with and I’m keeping real optimistic that this series will be good.


Gore #1 (SG)

New series, “monster hunting in the canals of Venice” with “mirror type fairytale creatures of ill intent”. Love the story premise, but still unsure about how they will execute. Has good potential, but will it translate? This remains to be seen.


28 Days Later #19 (Boom)

Ahhhhh, we finally get to actually meet the mysterious Captain Stiles. One thing I’ve consistently liked about this series is that the book stays in tune with the story it’s telling. It meanders a lot around and within the Britain of the 28 Days film and does a good job of entertaining and bringing us various likeable (and dislikable) characters. It’s a strong story of survival and chock full of good story telling.


GFT: Myths & Legends #1 (Zenescope)

Oooooo, more. I have been a fan of Zenescope’s works since they started putting out the Grimm’s Fairy Tale series way back when. This looks to be a new avenue of story taking a side trip alongside the burgeoning “mega story” currently unfolding in other titles that they’re publishing. All of it revolving around classic fairy tales and urban myths, both new and old.


Steampunk Palin #1 (Antarcic Press)

This? This was acquired on a lark. Love the cover, it’s really well done. The story inside? Wellllll, that’s a little bit on the more than “what” side of the equation. It’s funny, don’t get me wrong. A cyborg Sarah Palin, Obama and McCain against the evil forces of Old Oil? Awesomesausages; what’s not to like? This is a campy book, this is satire and pure fun mixed in together. (PS: “steam powdered suit was created by some very talented Canadian scientists.” Of course it was!) Oh, and I never knew that Sarah Palin was an anime character? Heeheehee.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer #40 (Dark Horse)

Awwww; sadness. This was the last issue of the “season” and it was deftly done. This issue wraps up all of the “bigness” of things and things that have occurred over the last 39 issues, putting a quiet and sedate cap on all of the big tapestry story arcs that weaved through. And leaves just enough of the back alley action to segue into the next season as soon as it starts to rear it’s perky little head. It’s very sad to see that the story has finished and the stage has set; but at the same time, heartening to see that the next season will wind up quickly to what we all like best: Kicking arse and quipping wittily.


Well, that’s it for this week’s foray into the comic book jungle. Looks like this week’s theme was fairy tales, even though that was not planned. All’s good in the hood and the world continues to revolve and everybody should get out and read! It’s not only good for the soul, but it helps build character, and put hair on your chest!

Have fun, and feel free to leave comments; I would love to hear from real people (as opposed to spam bots.)

May the world provide, what provisions are needed….

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