Comic Book Reviews by Zombie Zak – January 26/2011

January 26/2011

Hundred Penny ZVR

Zombies vs Robots Hundred Penny Edition (IDW)

One of my favourite series. Not for the story, not for the artwork, just for the sheer coolness of the whole concept. The artwork is very stylistic, not necessarily to everyone’s tastes, but the story is really well thought out.

This issue is a reprint of the original first issue – and it’s only a buck! I like this trend of dollar reprints, as you too can now own a copy of the original story for a low low price.

This origin story is all about how the zombie infection has crossed over into the world, surprisingly enough, as a result of a dimensional portal opened onto another world, which just happens to be infested with my brothers and sisters of the infectious variety.



Infestation (IDW)

Well, isn’t this a romp of a special kind. No wonder there’s a Hundred Penny Edition of ZVR out … it’s the integral starting off point for the new Infestation series from IDW. What is it about? Well, how about if we put zombies in a couple of highly popular comic book series’? Ohhh, yeah.

This issue is the bridging issue, bringing us from the ZVR territory, into the new Infestation territory of zombies vs Star Trek, vs Transformers, vs GI Joe, and vs Ghostbusters. What we get here is a brief exploratory explanation as to why the zombies are going to be able to crossover to so many other “universes.” Funny thing is, it kinda works.

At first, I thought this was gonna be hokey (I still do, but it’s the kind of hokey that I can enjoy.) Hokey? Zombies vs everything? Yeah, hokey. But, it’s fun.

Oh, yeah!


American Vampire #11 (Vertigo)

Continuing the saga of Pearl and Henry, this is another chapter in the ongoing story of “new American style vampire” Pearl and her desire to almost, but not quite live the normal American life. She tries, but the vampire world keeps creeping into her life and fun and hilarity ensues.

This issue has solid continuity, closing an arc on the story as it has run so far, and opening open a whole new storyline.


Deadpool Corps #10 (Marvel)

Well, if you’re familiar with Deadpool, you know this is campy. Over blown, over winded, out there by the chiny chin chin of a chiny chin chin.

Implausible, impossible, inextricable and incontinent. That sums up the Deadpool Corps, and in this issue, it’s Deadpool vs Lady Deadpool; the Princess vs the King. Fun, hilarity and violence ensues. There is no strong commentary on life (OK, there is a bit about mass market and consumerism) and the it’s pretty much completely predicated on the concept of: “How much can we blewed up?”

What else do you want? All good, clean fun!

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