Lies and Shadows – A Zombie Zak Rant


We ply our lives with the lies that we hide behind our eyes. Do we not see the truth, the reality that we’ve shuttered deep inside the hotbed of our pasts? Or are we so shrewishly concerned about the dubious outcome of our futures that we fail to note the bump in the road ahead?

A touch, a colour, a moment out of order.

I am always here, hiding in the shadows, waiting for an opportune time to emerge into the Brightness. With but a flick of my hat, the brim never quite right, I saunter out from one shadow, to associate with the light, if but for a moment or two. I sample these things that people like to consider their prized style of being.

Life? Such a trifle, paltry, misused, abused, oft times confused mass of stuff. We’d all be better off pursuing other, more esteemed goals, how say I not? Why spend so much energy and material in finding better ways to screw over one of your fellow primatish peers? Or preen so coquettishly against a backdrop of fear and loathing? Perchance there is a moment to dream, perchance there is an infinite level of scream.

Seek deep within your hollow eyes, drink deep of the truths therein, the lies.

We fill our souls to brimming with the shadows that we find ourselves in, swimming. A recourse once laid, a geas played out in spades, we flutter about in this roundabout way. There is a dark path ahead, one full of shadows, doubts, fears and no end of bad reasons to get from point A to point B.

Lies and shadows, these are the currency we use to usher in the lives that we wish upon our children, their children, and the children to follow those. Is that truly the legacy we wish to leave behind? Are we so shuttered, so enamoured of our games and blindness that we cannot open up to the larger picture? We live, we die, we always try. But even then, a part of us is always amongst the rubble, always floating in the aether, always a step away from shadow, away from Bright.

Can you deny that the shadows live behind your eyes? Can you escape the truths that you cannot even announce to yourself? Can you welcome the parts of yourself that become brittle with age, become worn with exposure to the light?

I can; I can’t.

But, neither of which will stop me from trying. I will seek the comfort of my shadows, the comfort of my lies, and above all else, I will try not to wear a disguise. I am a creature of the Dark and of the Bright. I exist in one as much as I exist in the other. My feet are firmly pressed in both at the same time, and I walk a path of knowing that the two will one day become one.

Should the world quake and rumble at that thought? I think so. For in that gasp of time, that final drawing of breath, should there not be released, a shadow, a lie, the stink of death? And to what ageless master does death ken to? What harrowing happenstance will birth the creatures that follows in my footsteps?

Weighty thoughts, swirling amongst the fish. Things of happenstance, things I’d like to wish. In summer, perhaps, a season of growth and possibilities, perhaps there is something to be said. That those who live might be happy, but I still say we’re better off dead.

The zombies are coming, of this, I will not lie. They hide in my shadows, and never quite die. My children, the dark touched angels that they be. Merrily cavorting across lands of the living, the apples of my eyes. So soft, so sweet, so tasty and neat. Roaming as is their want across lands far and wide, I am swelled, so full of splattery pride.

The time is just around the corner, not much longer my friends. Gather with me, welcome the beginning, of the beginning of the end. Tick … tock … tick … tock …

Got Brains?


It’s what’s for dinner tonight!

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I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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