Zombie Batman

Write ’em up, rev ’em high, get this party light turned on!
We’ve got but a night and a bit left to rail against the stars.
All of this anger, all of this woe, all of this energy
Has got to find someplace to go!

Spin the dizzy, fire up the disco lights of doom
We need to make room, make room for the night.
Splinter the day, and frighten all of the gnomes;
We’ve got a darkness party hitting the last round!

Spill the wine, spirit the lime and tickle the belly
Of a beast with no name, but a hankering for game.
Tipple the tup and find what else is going to be up;
I think that’s nice, with a twist of lime, and lots of ice.

The gang is all here, the monsters, the freaks,
The fans and all the makers of mayhem a plenty.
There’s just enough room to get them all indoors
Before the Apocalypse and all of those dooms begin.

One last night, one last bite, a certain level of bright.
Pick up your dance partner and give them a swing;
If they return, then it was meant to last forever.
If they disappear, then they were just a dinner bite.

Spirits and ghosts and demons from many realms
Frolicking in the dark, just a ways from subtle sight.
We are the unnamed, the masses of many souls
Biding our time, around the corner, only a hiccup away.

Walk with a care, through the places that you dare.
We’re always here, tucked behind shadows, quiet.
Our natures are dark, but our hearts burn bright;
At a time of our choosing, we will release the night!

the end,
and the monkeys chuckle …

About ZombieZak

I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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