Life is a Virus – by Zombie Zak

Life is a virus.

It infects everything.
It gets into the cracks and breaks things
It gets between the lines and disrupts
It spirals away along a helical pattern
It springs into action at the drop of a tear
It does not care about feelings or song
It does what it does because it is a virus.

One form begets another and another
The distillation of the choices we make
Paths taken, issues disturbed, re-writ
Desires wrought with finite limits
We take form from our convictions
And define our lives by the words therein.

It infects every place.
It weeps chaos and brings matter forth
It scatters the components it gathers
It deploys into the most incongruous spots
It cascades through consequences grave
It incorporates everything into its game
It wades through dichotomy like butter.

A land broken, torn, ravaged by time
Sanctioned, segregated, split asunder
Patterns of chaos writ loud, like thunder
A bucketful of plentitude, spiralling away
Painful titillations ricocheting, splattered
Skeins of loss, pain and vivid interpretation.

Because Life, at it’s heart, is a virus …


OK, it’s been a wee bit of time since I last posted – I know things get in the way and then, un-way getting them is always a bag full of, what? So, now, we are back to the Blog, breaking eggs and making stuff!

Have fun, I usually do,

About ZombieZak

I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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