Brightness Again

Bright Lights

Of all the places that exist upon this Earth, no two remain the same. Each its own merit, its own flaws, the difference upon the surface, the similarities beneath the crust. And to each place, there are people born. With hope, with fear, with all the gamut of emotional escapades.

Does Humanity truly bear witness to the greatest or the least, to the myriad performances of Life and the Beast? We travel these paths, mindless and wiseass in search of final respite, always wondering upon the day, upon the night.

We are beings of great magnitude; we have the capacity for spectacle and aptitude. But we waste this potential, fighting ourselves, our own greatest enemy, the shadows that lurk behind our masks. We eschew our responsibility to ourselves, to be that which we are, rather than that which we might want to be. We are, we are what we are. And in changing what we are, are we choosing a path that makes us better than we were, or something … other?

Times are dark, these many years. Misfortune and famine shine brighter upon our futures than the depth of the sonorous dolour that colours our days. There is no escape, we say, we think, we fear. But there is always hope, if we but listen for it. A bitter kiss, a simple goodbye, hides the unreasoning certitude of hope and how near it could be.

The pattern of chaos, the discordant symphony of distrust and diaspora can be switched, can be given new direction. But, as a species, we must want it to happen. I’ve seen many things on this world, I’ve been privy to thoughts and words and the repeating of actions cast in darkness upon its face. I have doubts about the possibility; however, I will hold out one last chance.

I see the “might be” that the species can be capable of, but again, it’s a choice that must be made from the heart. We sit here now, upon the precipice of chance, upon the precarious edge of choice and its fulsome dance. With these words, I cast them far and wide; to every corner of the Earth, to each place from every side. I cannot say, whether their merit or their intent shall be read or explored. However, I can but hope, that some part of these thoughts will make it past the minutiae of the life of a horde.

The darkness holds many secrets, many salves to the soul. But Brightness holds all of those, and many more.

Reach out to yourself, past the doubt and the discord. Find yourself, and make the Brightness upon this landscape unfold. You have the power to do so, if you but choose to do.

Be well, be zombie, be Brightness!

About ZombieZak

I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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