Self Made Manifest – by Zombie Zak


In a world of the brainless, tis folly to be brainy.

Dedication of purpose is more than just a statement of intent – it’s a follow through of execution to that effect.

I know that there are fireworks within my head. I know that there is more to my living than merely a means towards what I will be until I am dead. I grapple constantly with the war against mediocrity. I contest against this wall, this wailing life that appears full of insincerity. I wonder at its purpose, to travail against a community of living souls all intent upon their own destruction, their extinction. We as a species are incapable, it seems, of looking past our own paltry selves as individuals to seek a broader horizon, one of freedom from the debilitating effectiveness of entropy and decay. We who name ourselves living, are not such: We are merely the dead walking towards our individual ends. At some point in the future, unnamed, possibly unremarked, we will achieve that spectre, that threshold of understanding whereupon we may be free of the bonds of our physical selves; but yet, we remain chained to our lives, these short lengthed jaunts down the stream of being. Enslaved by our words and our truths and our dichotomies and the labels we put upon the various varieties of self, of group, of person, of social entity. We are animals, still strutting through the forests, looking for answers in the skies, in the fires, in the blood and entrails of other fallen beasts.

And yet, all answers lie within oneself, if we but reach in and make the courage to do so. There are no solutions greater than the beginning, that first step. We cannot make the world a better place, unless we are willing to do so. It starts with a word, a thought, a single desire to want to change the world. There is good within all people, great, small, invisible to many, or visible to all. The power to unlock that is yours, it’s mine, it’s all of ours. We merely need to choose to let it be free; and free it will be. If you wish to continue to living chained to your blemished paradigms, that is your choice; not mine.

I want to change the world. I want to create something larger than myself. I want to build something that is more than the sum of all my bodily depredations upon this physical plane of existence and saturates all of time that follows mine. I want to imprint upon the ceaseless, careless, chaotic sea of existence, a measure of what lies within my soul, and I want to breach the walls of this mediocrity and smash those barriers into insignificance. There is no answer other than yes; there is no other desire, than to do. The means, the methods, the mechanics of what this will be still eludes me, but I will find it. My preference would be that you would accompany me on this journey, on this path, on this walk through dark and impenetrable forests of peril and misdeeds, into a future where opportunities are not taken, but shared.

Give life, give death
All it takes, is one infinite breath.
Choose a path that brings great joy
And know that everything that follows
Is one that plays well in Life’s employ.

About ZombieZak

I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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  1. What a splendid way to ask us to look out side of ourselves. Or at least that is a smidgeon of my takeaway. I’ll share in this adventure… if there are cookies. But only for cookies!

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