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Well, here’s a new Blog entry from me. And what will this one be about? Well, how about a new anthology that I’m in and one that I would like to share with everyone I know and hope that they explode this info across the multiverse to share amongst all of existence; or at least with one more soul …

Here’s the skinny skin skin:

“There are 18 stories by authors from around the world, many of whom are widely known: Janet Morris; Nancy Asire; David Conyers; Robert M. Price; J.D. Fritz; Jason Cordova; Thomas Barczak; C. Dean Andersson; Beverly Hale; Chris Morris; Michael H. Hanson; Larry Atchley, Jr.; Richard Groller; Bill Snider; Wayne Borean; John Manning; Bettina Meister; Shirley Meier.

Edited by John Manning with Meghan Graham and Stormy Stogner-Medina”

Added to that, in this anthology, is my story entitled, “Bad Mustard.” And, what you need to know is that I really don’t like mustard. Nothing against people who do like mustard, but me? I am not one of those people. Heheheheeee. My story for this anthology was essentially a “dare” to create a horror story about a condiment. Why? I don’t remember much of that time, other than that it was a random discussion with John and a few others and that I would create such a wee beastie of a story. Challenge, accepted; and thus written.

So, in support of the release of this book, I’ve done a few things, and gathered some information and tried to compile a simple one source of stuff that I can share ad nasueaum (well, not quite that bad, but periodically, to be sure. For, without the share button, what would the social network world be … but a barren wasteland.) Please feel free to share any of these links; quite frankly, more the merrier in the words of me.

FaceBook Event:

On Saturday February the 9th, 2013, we will be engaged in a party like FaceBook event in which there will be live bands and dancing bears … err, or at the very least a bunch of us engaged on the page and discussing things, involved in contests and the like. Please come on by and join in the fun and mayhem!

FaceBook Event

FaceBook Page:

We also have a FaceBook page to support the anthology, please wend your way over the merry mass of electronic mayhem and join! Follow us and see what kooky, crazy and creative stuff we continue to do!

FaceBook Page

Boogeyman Book Trailer YouTube:

Also in support of this anthology, I have put together this little book trailer with quick excerpts from each story. Have fun, watch frequently, and, more importantly, share even more frequently!

Boogeyman Trailer

And, of course, here is where you can purchase the book. This book is being released first in E-formats, and the print formats will be following shortly. Stay tuned for the details as to what, where, when and how many cookies will be required to release the hounds of doooooooooom!

Amazon Link:

Boogeyman on Amazon

Barnes and Nobles Link:

Boogeyman on Barnesandnoble

And, after all is said and done, I greet thee with spirits uplifted, and a bright twinkle in my eye, and say once more unto thee: Be well and let the Boogeyman bite … deep!

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