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Hi. I’m Zombie Zak.

And tonight, I’d like to talk about something that means a great deal to me. The power of positive change, the power to change the world, the power to light the fires of imagination, the power that I – and everybody else – has to wield with their hands, their hearts, their minds, their souls and their little pinkie toes.

This might come as a bit of a shock, but I like people and the stuff that they create. I know, I know – Zombie here; likes to eat brains, consume mass quantities of guts and gore and organic bits galore – but I like the variety, the diversity, the great plethora of choices available to the species in wide, galaxy spanning capabilities from the lowliest of newborns to the senior of seniors and the multitude of wisdoms therein.

However, there are many “bad” things happening in the world, now, in the past, and no doubt in the future to come. These issues, these events and these people cast doubt upon the longevity of the species; they continue to bring a cycle of negative permeability to the ecosystem of life, of civilization. An infinitely repeating loop of misfortune and doubt that continues to prop up that system of negativity, quietly, intensely sucking out the marrow of positivity, of Brightness.

We, as a species of humans, like to disparage the greater world, make misery a commodity, show our individual superiority over circumstances by casting things in a narrow and ultimately self destructive manner. We like to belittle the situations, to make sport of those less fortunate, to really, really shine a spotlight on the symptoms of the problems, but never on the root source that creates the problems.

Yes, I know, we have a slew of people, specialists, concerned citizens, learned wise people that devoutly dedicate themselves to researching and cataloguing and indexing and narrowing the field down so that they can quantify the nature of the problems; but, inexorably, incontrovertibly, they continue to miss the mark. Some of them really try to make a difference, to split aside the convoluted message speak from the inherent illogic of things to move past to the raw nature of what’s wrong with the world.

And that’s where we are now; where I would like to focus your thoughts for a moment or two, if possible. Personally, I like to share shiny bright words of encouragement – I do that frequently, via the “ZZism’s” that I post on FaceBook; and many quick, irreverent posts that I share wherever I go. Consider this my way of saying that there is hope, that it is possible to change the dynamic that this civilization is founded upon, that there are greater goods that can be unleashed in the core of everyone. That we can shift the boat that we’ve been sailing, ever so imperceptibly, just enough, to make a difference.

That power rests in you, in all of you; it rests in me, too. Which is why I continue to submit, for the approval of all, some words of encouragement. In a small way, this is me trying to help Humanity try and push past the limitations of its core programming; to grasp the short and curlies of existence and bring forth a new dichotomy that can rewire, rework, rewrite the basic shortsightedness of the species. In this manner, I try to uplift spirits, even if all it does is provide a momentary chuckle, or even a pause for contemplative thought.

I don’t want to take credit for anything more than that. You might be able to read between the lines herein, that the basic idea, is to spread positive options; to share an optimism – that maybe you don’t share right now, maybe the world hurts too much for you right now; your eyes are closed, your back is sore, and your mind is unwilling to fight anymore – but, with some luck, and hard work, you’ll work your way through that – and we’ll be waiting there, to offer a spiffy thought, or more.

This is my goal, to bring some light, some shiny, bright, positive energy back into your lives. Even if all I do is make you break a smile and share a kind word. And, if I can convince enough people to do likewise, to share positive energy, maybe we can drive back enough of the negative energy and create a more harmonious world in which to live in, both for ourselves, and those around us?

Of course, there is, always – always and forever, the option exists – of the alternative. The Apocalypse is but a song, a dance, a merry fig cavorting with madness and spirits that know no thing other than the dark.

Your choice, your call – what say you? Fancy a bit of fun?

PS: Got cookies?

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I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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