After Rot-Guests: Kim Poirier and Ray Ellingsen

100 Days of Death

It’s Wednesday night! Time for another After Rot!

9PM EST/EDT (which ever T you prefer…)

Tonight’s show features guests, Kim Poirier and Ray Ellingsen.

Kim has been in a number of movies (Dawn of the Dead[2004], Decoys, The Rats, American Psycho II, plus others] and TV shows (PSI-Factor, Paradise Falls, Mad Men, Eureka, plus others)

Ray has produced, written and directed a number of movies and documentaries.

Together, they are the driving force behind Moving Pictures Media Group and they’re current big thing is the multiple medias project: 100 Days of Death.

Novel (due out soon), upcoming graphic novel (to feature the art and mad skills of Tommy Castillo), and soon to be made into a movie.

Come along tonight and play with us on the TMVCafe.


Also, check out the Kickstarter Project:

100 Days of Death Kickstarter

Check out Tommy Castillo at:

Tommy Castillo

Ray at:

Ray Ellingsen on IMDB

Kim at:

Kim Poirier

And, of course, they’re all on FaceBook, too!

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