Dreamers In Hell

Dreamers In Hell

The sense of wonder, upon waking and realizing that you’ve accomplished something. This is something to cherish, to hold close to one’s soul and used to nourish and inspire oneself to continued efforts to excel.

Many people in the world today are willing to settle for the things that Life, Society, the World lays at their feet; many, too, are more than happy to merely lambast said same with bile about how more should be given unto them, without their own two hands being slapped on the shovel to put muscle to work, to move sand, to move water, to move fire, to move air in order to make something from what was not already there.

I am not one to cast doubt or shame upon other’s work, nor their goals or ideals in life. I would prefer to focus on my own objectives, my desires, my vision of world domination – I believe that my energies are much more productive that way. I would likewise prefer, to show the world what I mean by my efforts, and prove to others that the path to personal vindication, to personal success, starts from within oneself. Nobody will give me, my prize; nobody will hand me the world on a platter – and, truth be told, would I really want that world in that manner?


I have no fear of working hard, to reach something that I feel I can attain. I strive to build the structure that I wish to house my spirit within, every day. And, I hope, that in doing so, I also can show others an equally valid way. To overcome obstacles, to reach out for significance, to bow down to no fell spirits with ill intent, and to take hold of one’s own path and make one’s own choices.

Choice. It truly is the only thing which you possess that is yours, and yours alone. To stay, to go, to burn, to cry, to fall down to the depths, or to reach out and fly. Let thy spirit sing as it will, dance as it can, spiral both out and in and find the answers that make the most sense to one’s self.

And, to think, this particular blog entry was/is/will be, the prelude to my discussion about Hell. Or, rather, more specifically, about Heroes in Hell; and even more specifically, about Dreamers in Hell. Heheheeā€¦.

Those who may know me a little or a bit more, know that I enjoy a good bit of fun, and a lot of gore. A bit of rhythm, a pinch of rhyme, a cast iron skillet ain’t got no reason to be sublime.

Today, I’d like to mention, that a story of mine appears in this anthology, “Dreamers in Hell”. It’s published by Perseid Press, and available on Amazon, Barns & Noble and all those other fine esteemed electronically entombed establishments. This marks the second story of mine that has appeared in the ongoing Heroes in Hell anthology series, which now numbers 14 books. (Alas, I was not around to be in the first 12; but, I’ll try to make up for lost ground.)

My story, continues with developing the bond between Fionn and Caliban, with exposure to both Caliban’s Mom (Sycorax) and Merlin, too; oh, and let’s not forget Freud – that wacky psychology guy! Fun ensues as personalities clash and my characters continue to eke out their Hellish existence in a realm, in a Hell that they never made, but are cognizant of being a part of.

As it should be obvious, and completely understood, I would ask that you purchase the book – either in print or in Kindle. And, if you would be so kind as to share your opinions of the book online, I would be ever so grateful and I would wish nothing but the tastiest of selections of cookies to be on your dinner plate.

Thanks for reading these ramblings of a zombie, this evening, this night; may the darkness be held at bay, and may thy thoughts be ever bright! Sleep well within the blankets of dreams, and know that Hell is still full of screams!


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I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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