This New Year … now passed!

It's a Goat!

This New Year … now passed! – By Zombie Zak

Time tick, tick, tick, time tock, tock, talk!
Once more, we float around the block
Once more, we take the old car out of hock
Once more, we fall into the embrace of a new year
And wonder what the heck happened to the one just past?

Time lick, lick, lick, time sock, sock, sought!
One more hand in the gravy stirring
One more wing upon the air whirring
One more cat in the woodlands purring
As it hunts for things that hide in the shadows laughing.

Time sick, sick, sick, time rock, rock, and roll!
Another slice in the body of life
Another poke at the decrepitude
Another painful kick in the groin
Shadows play in their comfort zone, and cry for life.

This year is now but a few moments to be gone once again
There were civilizations built, and those torn down
Great people were birthed, and others passed on by
I will never wonder, what, nor how, but sometimes why
When the bullet finally finds its home in my brain
I’ll sing with gusto, this quiet zombie refrain:

Be Brightness, sing to the night,
Never loose faith, never loose the light
It is within us all to change the world
And set to rights, all those things
That we name, that we plunder
In our fears, we tear asunder
We are all of the now
We are all of the future
We are all of the choices
We are all that needs be.
Be, Brightness.

About ZombieZak

I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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