Rot 2014 – by Zombie Zak

Dead Souls

Rot 2014 – by Zombie Zak

Mangled and tangled, marooned and festooned
Capped by a fish, strung out on a wish,
Harpooned by a seal, without any zeal
I am the walrus, I stand to the what may be sought,
There is more ice here, than where once stood a lot.
High upon the mountainside, there lives such a one,
An evil old soul, decrepit and bereft.
He’ll gut you as soon as serve you a muffin
And your skin he’ll wear for slippers
But most importantly, always mind your manners
Or he’ll also serve you with kippurs!
Bangers and mash, bangers and mash
Carrying on without refrain or grey trash.
The sky is turning purple, as the rain fades to mist
It’s the way these things go, from cell to cell to cyst.
I am the walrus, or so you might be taught
It’s what brews in my mind, a sickness, a rot;
An ancient ill, festering and cold
Sick with the stories, not all of them told
Of the shadowy beast, that uses old souls
To ferret out prized pieces, of the rarest of gold.
Pretty, pretty, bang, bang, kiss, kiss.
What song, what dance, what is this?
What fear, what dream, what scream is this?
What blade, what fire, what zeal is this?
Tis the edge of sanity, and one step beyond
I push myself past, the fears I abscond.
Take another look at me, see what I am
I am determined, I am soot, I am death
I am the tortured soul’s foulest last breath.
Speak, one word, one last thought
I will allow it, for the cookies you’ve brought.
No manner of creature forsworn, or forsooth
Shall empty their pockets without a good word.
And in buckets, shall I repay thee, for misdeed so wrought
For in truth, I care only, for the cookies you’ve brought.

Soooo, first poem of the year … right here, right now, right … hey look there it is!

Start the year with a bang, light ’em up, fire ’em up, give the year what fer!

About ZombieZak

I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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