Darkness and Shadows

Death on a Pale Horse - Gustave Dore

Why are we the shadows, why are we the darkness?

What is it about our existence, that makes us, as a species, predisposed towards a proclivity for pursuits down darkened paths? Where is it written in our DNA that we are most inclined to explore the alleyways where lurk the monsters? And why is it that we find that the monsters are almost always, ourselves? That the basic building blocks that comprise said monsters – be it an idea, be it a device, be it a person of sound or otherwise mindset – turns out to be founded on the past that we both adore and abhor?

I believe, the answer, at its root, is that we dream too small. That we limit ourselves to the shadows we inhabit, rather than looking farther than the boundaries of our own selves. We allow ourselves to be trapped by dichotomies set forth by old men and women, who in and of themselves are trapped by the vagaries of their own lives.

We are greater, both separate and comprised, than the systems and philosophies that shape our pasts. We are more capable than the boxes within which are forged our early years, in which our minds are shaped and coded and demised within such limited parameters.

We are not our predecessors, so why should we continue to play their game?

We are not our ancestors, so why should we allow their dictates to continue to permeate our possibilities?

Wisdom is good to acquire, and the past shows us much of what works and what does not; but, the curse, the trap, the hidden switch that keeps us moored to the present that doesn’t work, is that we do not actualize what has been learned. We continue to abide by the paradigms that these ancestors wrought for us. Their intentions were of the best, to create a world suitable for their young, to preserve the species both singly and severally – but their thoughts were limited.

No disrespect to our forefathers, but their scope of observation was limited to what little they could see.

Today, we can see farther, we can see deeper, we can theorize the presence of so much more than our mere tiny, inconsequential cosmos, and see that there is so much more potential capable within the framework of existence.

But, we continue to hide in our shadows, in our darkness, because it is more comfortable than confronting the mirror reflective capacity which is ourselves. We are safer, shrouded in our darkness, for within its cold confines, we are loved, we are cared for, we are satiated at the momentary level.

Should we, accept this? Should we, follow our lives with such limited scope, such limited vision? Should we, permit our lives to be defined in such fashion, limiting our ability to see past the confines of the horizon as shaped by our shadowy presents? Or, should we allow an element of difference to enter the equation?

Not all, are ready. Not all, are capable. To see past the now, requires the desire to unlock oneself, one’s willingness to be what one is, and instead be what one could be. Who is ready to truly test themselves and question the codex that is Life? Who is confident enough to stand up to eons of evolution and choose a different direction than the one that has been laid down for him or her by the dictates of their individual past?

Tis a difficult crux to reach, to founder against.

We measure our lives against the bulwarks of the collective mass of history, the good, the bad, the otherwise unclassifiable components of people of import. We seek to compare our individual works against the whole of civilization, of countless past deeds. We are not them, they are not us. We are ourselves, and we need to accept that we have our own paths.

We are so wrapped up in the determination of who our demons are, who the villains we face are, and we choose to define ourselves, by whom we are opposed by. Instead, why not change that paradigm, and force the interminable “they” to face their worst fears, by convincing them to re-define their systems of measurement against who we are?

Ultimately, our species’ goal, is immortality, either by deed or by word or by permanence of flesh. Futility. We are unable to attain such, for we are but the dust in the stars, the motes that float between stuff and other stuff, and in the fullness of time, all things will be forgot.

So, why try differently?

To be true to oneself, one must be willing to accept that nothing remains, that we will all be forgot one day; but, in the day that we have, the now, the right now, we have the ability to make a difference, and choose to be more than the culmination of countless years of history. We have the ability to recognize, that in that right now, we can extend a hand, or a helpful word, or produce a piece of art that screams to the soul of the beauty that can blossom within another’s soul, and we can make a difference. Even if it is just for a moment, a moment is all that is required, to find peace within one’s self. It is the very essence of being Brightness, that the giving of Brightness, is itself, its own Brightness.

As always, the choice is ours, separately and severally; there is no right or wrong – there is only choice.

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