2014 Year End Post


It’s the end, the end of 2014 … and as we weep the shadows back to the pit, we look past and gaze once again upon it. The future, a new year upon us. Can we be better, can we be worse, can we clear out the calendar and establish our course? Zombie says, aye, but of course!

Make your mark on the Universe! Splash a part of your life across the page, tear down the mediocrity of your life’s mistakes and reestablish a more likeable pace! Unlimber your mind, wrangle your fingers forward on the scale for the year, break the monotony of a life awash in fear, and make something dear! Bring it to fruition, bring it to bear, bring it to the table and establish it there! You can do it, you can make this beast be a part of your life this coming year. Grow in leaps and infinitesimal steps, each movement forward is a part of the path towards personal reach.

Forget what the naysayers say, and say unto yourself, “It’s gonna be a great year, and I’m going to make it so, no matter what I already fear!”

Brighten your life, and in so doing, brighten those around you. We cannot do anything less than do our best to fix the world. I have a plan (which I can’t enlighten upon here; at least, not yet), which includes everyone. There will be splatter, there will be mayhem, there will be all manner of chaos and shadowy things floating in the aether supping upon the souls of the unenlightened. I will fix the world, but first, I need your help.

Make stuff, share stuff, go to your neighbours and ask if they’ve made stuff and if you could share that to the world, too! Bring forth thy un-huddled masses and greet the day, greet the night, bring forth the merriment and bring forth the Bright!

With a song on the hips and a dance on the lips, go up to complete strangers, give them a hearty, “Hail and well met; if we can make this better, then we can make it better yet?!”

Trickles and dreams, a cascade of screams; the future is upon us, now and evermore. We must unbutton this blouse and free the creatures that exist beneath this chaos. There is time still to let go the rigid ways of social dichotomy, wreck their own level of disdain within this quiet refrain; but for me, the thing that’s the thing, is the amount of noise I can no longer contain, that I have to bring!

Out, out, damn spot, out; feed upon the patterns laid bare, feed upon them that just don’t care. A wriggle in time, is just the thing, to bring a care, to bring a zing a ling, to bring the bang a rang and bring everything around full circle once again.

Well, now that the preamble is out of the way, let’s sink into the meat of this years year end post, shall we?

I think it fair to say, that some (or so I’ve heard thereabouts on the internet and places otherwise less becoming) have had what one could call a yucky year this past one coming down upon a close. And that is unfortunate, I truly do feel for everybody that has had to deal with circumstances grave or otherwise of consequence. It rather sucks when besieged by ill fate, by things beyond our control, by dark events that put a damper on the whole ball of wax. I know that times may be tough, and sure enough, they’ve been a like of which that is hard to bare.

But, think it this way through: Here you are, here are you. You have survived this thing that’s now in the past, you’ve got enough chops to continue to last. Put the murky down thoughts that fill your head with reckless dismay and dark dark dread. Instead, pick up an instrument and play something frothy instead! It’s a simple thing to do, find a happy thing within to internalize, something of joy, something positive in your life, and hold it close to your mind’s eye. If you truly want to feel better, to succeed in the days coming soon, you have to accept that you can. It’s sappy, it’s metaphorical, it’s a boot load of the kind of pop psychological poppycock that fills much of modern day TV tropes, but the truth is as simple as a blade of grass. You choose your path, or your path chooses you. You have the power in that relationship, to make of it what you want, or else the proverbial “it” will make of you what it wants; and what it wants is usually not so nice.

So, take up a slice of your own imaginings, and pair it with what you see as being the path you wish to walk this year, and head out with your head up high, your confidence built upon a clear, blue sky and choose to make this new year the best one you’ve ever had. And, if you’re feeling a little down once in a while, that’s OK, it’s bound to gum up every once in a bit. Just hunker down, and give that future another hit; with a stick!

Again, at the risk of sounding more and more like a broken record; I am often inclined to spread my dichotomy of Be Brightness. It’s neither one of wrong nor rightness, it’s more a state of being that’s just a matter of being well and like this. I don’t plan on fixing the world just for the meek and mild, I have plans that include the vast spectrum of people, and especially the sharp and filed. I can’t re-iterate the amount of joy rage I wish to bring to this game, I’m not going to stop until I’ve completely changed every mainframe. You’re just going to have to get used to my perky ways, from now until the end of all of the Internet’s days. Count them quick, count them quiet, I’m never giving up on this weird and wacky word filled diet!

Happy New Year, 2015! Bring me your best, for I’ve got things hidden inside of my vest, and by gosh by golly I’m gonna kick your hide until you walk with me beside my side!

May the coming year, be vast and full of potential; may you realize your goals, your dreams, the wide spectrum of all things that you can feel comfortable with, and with the things that you can’t, but will break on past anyways, because you’ve got the strength to bust down obstacles and overcome your fears!

Be well, be strong, be courageous, be courteous, be making things, be sharing of them, Be Brightness!

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I am the night zombie! I am he who rides the winds of Doom, he who chases after cookies and bubbles!
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