We Are The Dead

Zombie Zak

We are the Dead.
We walk beside you, we work with you, we serve your needs as much as the living; as much as our own needs are to be fulfilled. We seek the answers, we seek the questions, we dig deep within the essence of Life to find what will be found, as it may relate or confound each of us.

We are the Dead.
We look like you, we sound like you, we integrate into society in much the same way as you do; but we are not the same. We furrow through the muck of dichotomy and disciplines of movement throughout the sphere of the civilized world, and ofttimes are just as confused as the living in respect to how things work versus how things should work, and why they refuse to obey the simple laws of the physical realm.

We are the Dead.
We do not wait for shadows to swallow us whole, we do not stare at the stars and ponder a world farther away than our own, we do not dream of fluffy bunny rabbits nibbling on carrots and peas. We waste no time on the unnecessary, as only existence is the thing. It matters not the quality, if survival is the only measure of success.

We are the Dead.
We are amongst you, we are beside you, we are you. If you are reading this, then it is already too late for you, and you will soon become one, with us. Time has no meaning, nor measure, if one is not inclined to fear what steps take us from one situation to another; nor the consequences that a choice might fail, or succeed.

You are the Dead.
It is, inevitable. All will become one, with the Zombie way … Shall we nibble, or shall we play?

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Dreamers In Hell

Dreamers In Hell

The sense of wonder, upon waking and realizing that you’ve accomplished something. This is something to cherish, to hold close to one’s soul and used to nourish and inspire oneself to continued efforts to excel.

Many people in the world today are willing to settle for the things that Life, Society, the World lays at their feet; many, too, are more than happy to merely lambast said same with bile about how more should be given unto them, without their own two hands being slapped on the shovel to put muscle to work, to move sand, to move water, to move fire, to move air in order to make something from what was not already there.

I am not one to cast doubt or shame upon other’s work, nor their goals or ideals in life. I would prefer to focus on my own objectives, my desires, my vision of world domination – I believe that my energies are much more productive that way. I would likewise prefer, to show the world what I mean by my efforts, and prove to others that the path to personal vindication, to personal success, starts from within oneself. Nobody will give me, my prize; nobody will hand me the world on a platter – and, truth be told, would I really want that world in that manner?


I have no fear of working hard, to reach something that I feel I can attain. I strive to build the structure that I wish to house my spirit within, every day. And, I hope, that in doing so, I also can show others an equally valid way. To overcome obstacles, to reach out for significance, to bow down to no fell spirits with ill intent, and to take hold of one’s own path and make one’s own choices.

Choice. It truly is the only thing which you possess that is yours, and yours alone. To stay, to go, to burn, to cry, to fall down to the depths, or to reach out and fly. Let thy spirit sing as it will, dance as it can, spiral both out and in and find the answers that make the most sense to one’s self.

And, to think, this particular blog entry was/is/will be, the prelude to my discussion about Hell. Or, rather, more specifically, about Heroes in Hell; and even more specifically, about Dreamers in Hell. Hehehee….

Those who may know me a little or a bit more, know that I enjoy a good bit of fun, and a lot of gore. A bit of rhythm, a pinch of rhyme, a cast iron skillet ain’t got no reason to be sublime.

Today, I’d like to mention, that a story of mine appears in this anthology, “Dreamers in Hell”. It’s published by Perseid Press, and available on Amazon, Barns & Noble and all those other fine esteemed electronically entombed establishments. This marks the second story of mine that has appeared in the ongoing Heroes in Hell anthology series, which now numbers 14 books. (Alas, I was not around to be in the first 12; but, I’ll try to make up for lost ground.)

My story, continues with developing the bond between Fionn and Caliban, with exposure to both Caliban’s Mom (Sycorax) and Merlin, too; oh, and let’s not forget Freud – that wacky psychology guy! Fun ensues as personalities clash and my characters continue to eke out their Hellish existence in a realm, in a Hell that they never made, but are cognizant of being a part of.

As it should be obvious, and completely understood, I would ask that you purchase the book – either in print or in Kindle. And, if you would be so kind as to share your opinions of the book online, I would be ever so grateful and I would wish nothing but the tastiest of selections of cookies to be on your dinner plate.

Thanks for reading these ramblings of a zombie, this evening, this night; may the darkness be held at bay, and may thy thoughts be ever bright! Sleep well within the blankets of dreams, and know that Hell is still full of screams!


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We Are The Storm

Storm Cloud with Lightning

We are the storm.

We are the dark clouds of intentions filling the sky with meaning and meaninglessness. The collection of thoughts and improbabilities that surface momentarily and are gone, that blow through the cascades of lives that see but a moment of time upon the backdrop of existence. The fell spiral of desire coalescing amongst the tallest sights, falling back upon the basic belief that all things can be worked out. The haze that splinters clear thought and produces rashness, harshness, ill conceived plans that look good but turn poorly upon the page.

We are the peal of thunder spearing through the evening demesne of time and tide. The spiritual beachhead of incongruity spreading ever farther and faster within the house of darkness wrought. The echo of countless cries for help that have fallen on deaf ears, turned blindly against the wake of mercy. The howl of countless throats raised against the night and the fears that hold the darkness deep within our hearts with pain and with rage.

We are the actinic crack of lightning that shoots through the bracken of wasted potential, the soul suck that slips into the slightest of crevice and twists the words that could bring Brightness into being. The cancerous leech of wrack and ruinous plans spent against the brightest minds and fouled with personal glory, sullied by unsubtle greed and the ground, running red, a giant laid waste upon the ground, and made to bleed.

We are the rain of blood and viciousness that washes away all hope, all forgiveness, all desire to produce wondrous results. The torrential violence of space strewn across perception and capability. The essence of Life, boiled into droplets, and splattered across the Cosmos, both the infinite, and the singular, all, wrapped up with the same desperate need to be … something … different!

We are the storm!

We are the cleansed sky, bright and blue, and full of new. The open frontier of existence, unpainted, unpretentious, unrepentantly joyous in the day and the ability to find new ways. The blossom of green, growing things and the rise to greatness from smallest sense of serenity, to the greatest gift of magnanimity.

We are the calm air that washes over and brings peace, and the potential for prosperity. The dry soul, full of the burst of chaos that breeds living things and spreads across the land, the sea, the air in ways so myriad and diverse, that neither mention nor measure can ever compare.

We are the memory of pain and loss, of suffering and great deeds wrought against — or for — darkness; the soul searing prod that reminds from where we came, from where we arose. The ideations that we, as individuals and as collectives both draw our greatest strengths and weaknesses from. The knowledge, that where we are now, was bought with immense effort, and prices paid, in order for us to attain the state that we are in now.

We are the remains of the sundered realms of thought, to Earth and beyond, these gifts are brought. The cleansing splash of water to surface that rinses clean the ill wrought devices of what could have been and what was. The new born slate, freed from the mistakes of the pasts, but clearly worded, that those things that have passed, can always return, and a good accounting of those things, will in turn, bring progress and the ability to rise above both the ground, the sky, the limitations of mind and hand and soul.

We are the Storm!

The two edged sword of existence, both Bright and Dark. The harbingers of self, combined, contained, commingled within the weapon of self. This game need neither win, nor lose; merely being is game enough to continue to play.

We are ALL the Storm! Go play in the rain!

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My Weird-May 2013

Know Your Zombie

What way, this wicked Weird I speak to? What thing is thought, when my Weird is given to talk?

This world is full of varied things, of dark and light, tis given the world to fondle, and watch the bright. Shadows crawl upon the most innocuous of things, and silence is a brief twinkle in the eye of a sickly string. There are more things upon Earth, Heaven, or Hell, or by whatever other name Humans are inclined to tell. There crawls, there flies, there swims so many different things to which name has not been put, that the end of all things someday, will be named merely by its glut.

We are a species dedicated to many different ideals; we see this world in many different lights, through eyes shaped by various circumstances. To our own senses, we name these things, these experiences by the devices, the instruments, the truths to which we are taught. It is never enough, merely to name a thing, and forget its name, as if it were naught.

The conflicts we bare, both past fought and yet to be contended, are as diverse as the stars that are scattered throughout the Universe. We are merely specks upon this backdrop of Life, and in all of our times, we scuttle with strife.

There are many lessons to be learned in our journeys through the day to day, generation to generation. Sometimes we see the teaching, sometimes we are but butterflies going from flower to flower, with nary a thought to be seen.

My greatest hope, is that one day, as a species, our eyes will be open enough, to see that not only the mud can hold our attention long enough to build something from, but so, too, can our spirits soar greater than our abilities to see where they land. The stars in the sky are not just a place to go to, but they are a stepping stone by which we can gather courage to go … farther than merely the limit of imagination.

Go forth, birth thoughts that burst past the box, the humdrum mediocrity of living, and be, alive!

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After Rot-Guests: Kim Poirier and Ray Ellingsen

100 Days of Death

It’s Wednesday night! Time for another After Rot!

9PM EST/EDT (which ever T you prefer…)

Tonight’s show features guests, Kim Poirier and Ray Ellingsen.

Kim has been in a number of movies (Dawn of the Dead[2004], Decoys, The Rats, American Psycho II, plus others] and TV shows (PSI-Factor, Paradise Falls, Mad Men, Eureka, plus others)

Ray has produced, written and directed a number of movies and documentaries.

Together, they are the driving force behind Moving Pictures Media Group and they’re current big thing is the multiple medias project: 100 Days of Death.

Novel (due out soon), upcoming graphic novel (to feature the art and mad skills of Tommy Castillo), and soon to be made into a movie.

Come along tonight and play with us on the TMVCafe.


Also, check out the Kickstarter Project:

100 Days of Death Kickstarter

Check out Tommy Castillo at:

Tommy Castillo

Ray at:

Ray Ellingsen on IMDB

Kim at:

Kim Poirier

And, of course, they’re all on FaceBook, too!

Most importantly, don’t forget to swing by After Rot on FaceBook, and give us yer Likes!

After Rot on FaceBook

Remember: Be there, or be dessert!

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Spread Positivity

Change Sign

Hi. I’m Zombie Zak.

And tonight, I’d like to talk about something that means a great deal to me. The power of positive change, the power to change the world, the power to light the fires of imagination, the power that I – and everybody else – has to wield with their hands, their hearts, their minds, their souls and their little pinkie toes.

This might come as a bit of a shock, but I like people and the stuff that they create. I know, I know – Zombie here; likes to eat brains, consume mass quantities of guts and gore and organic bits galore – but I like the variety, the diversity, the great plethora of choices available to the species in wide, galaxy spanning capabilities from the lowliest of newborns to the senior of seniors and the multitude of wisdoms therein.

However, there are many “bad” things happening in the world, now, in the past, and no doubt in the future to come. These issues, these events and these people cast doubt upon the longevity of the species; they continue to bring a cycle of negative permeability to the ecosystem of life, of civilization. An infinitely repeating loop of misfortune and doubt that continues to prop up that system of negativity, quietly, intensely sucking out the marrow of positivity, of Brightness.

We, as a species of humans, like to disparage the greater world, make misery a commodity, show our individual superiority over circumstances by casting things in a narrow and ultimately self destructive manner. We like to belittle the situations, to make sport of those less fortunate, to really, really shine a spotlight on the symptoms of the problems, but never on the root source that creates the problems.

Yes, I know, we have a slew of people, specialists, concerned citizens, learned wise people that devoutly dedicate themselves to researching and cataloguing and indexing and narrowing the field down so that they can quantify the nature of the problems; but, inexorably, incontrovertibly, they continue to miss the mark. Some of them really try to make a difference, to split aside the convoluted message speak from the inherent illogic of things to move past to the raw nature of what’s wrong with the world.

And that’s where we are now; where I would like to focus your thoughts for a moment or two, if possible. Personally, I like to share shiny bright words of encouragement – I do that frequently, via the “ZZism’s” that I post on FaceBook; and many quick, irreverent posts that I share wherever I go. Consider this my way of saying that there is hope, that it is possible to change the dynamic that this civilization is founded upon, that there are greater goods that can be unleashed in the core of everyone. That we can shift the boat that we’ve been sailing, ever so imperceptibly, just enough, to make a difference.

That power rests in you, in all of you; it rests in me, too. Which is why I continue to submit, for the approval of all, some words of encouragement. In a small way, this is me trying to help Humanity try and push past the limitations of its core programming; to grasp the short and curlies of existence and bring forth a new dichotomy that can rewire, rework, rewrite the basic shortsightedness of the species. In this manner, I try to uplift spirits, even if all it does is provide a momentary chuckle, or even a pause for contemplative thought.

I don’t want to take credit for anything more than that. You might be able to read between the lines herein, that the basic idea, is to spread positive options; to share an optimism – that maybe you don’t share right now, maybe the world hurts too much for you right now; your eyes are closed, your back is sore, and your mind is unwilling to fight anymore – but, with some luck, and hard work, you’ll work your way through that – and we’ll be waiting there, to offer a spiffy thought, or more.

This is my goal, to bring some light, some shiny, bright, positive energy back into your lives. Even if all I do is make you break a smile and share a kind word. And, if I can convince enough people to do likewise, to share positive energy, maybe we can drive back enough of the negative energy and create a more harmonious world in which to live in, both for ourselves, and those around us?

Of course, there is, always – always and forever, the option exists – of the alternative. The Apocalypse is but a song, a dance, a merry fig cavorting with madness and spirits that know no thing other than the dark.

Your choice, your call – what say you? Fancy a bit of fun?

PS: Got cookies?

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What Scares the Boogeyman


Well, here’s a new Blog entry from me. And what will this one be about? Well, how about a new anthology that I’m in and one that I would like to share with everyone I know and hope that they explode this info across the multiverse to share amongst all of existence; or at least with one more soul …

Here’s the skinny skin skin:

“There are 18 stories by authors from around the world, many of whom are widely known: Janet Morris; Nancy Asire; David Conyers; Robert M. Price; J.D. Fritz; Jason Cordova; Thomas Barczak; C. Dean Andersson; Beverly Hale; Chris Morris; Michael H. Hanson; Larry Atchley, Jr.; Richard Groller; Bill Snider; Wayne Borean; John Manning; Bettina Meister; Shirley Meier.

Edited by John Manning with Meghan Graham and Stormy Stogner-Medina”

Added to that, in this anthology, is my story entitled, “Bad Mustard.” And, what you need to know is that I really don’t like mustard. Nothing against people who do like mustard, but me? I am not one of those people. Heheheheeee. My story for this anthology was essentially a “dare” to create a horror story about a condiment. Why? I don’t remember much of that time, other than that it was a random discussion with John and a few others and that I would create such a wee beastie of a story. Challenge, accepted; and thus written.

So, in support of the release of this book, I’ve done a few things, and gathered some information and tried to compile a simple one source of stuff that I can share ad nasueaum (well, not quite that bad, but periodically, to be sure. For, without the share button, what would the social network world be … but a barren wasteland.) Please feel free to share any of these links; quite frankly, more the merrier in the words of me.

FaceBook Event:

On Saturday February the 9th, 2013, we will be engaged in a party like FaceBook event in which there will be live bands and dancing bears … err, or at the very least a bunch of us engaged on the page and discussing things, involved in contests and the like. Please come on by and join in the fun and mayhem!

FaceBook Event

FaceBook Page:

We also have a FaceBook page to support the anthology, please wend your way over the merry mass of electronic mayhem and join! Follow us and see what kooky, crazy and creative stuff we continue to do!

FaceBook Page

Boogeyman Book Trailer YouTube:

Also in support of this anthology, I have put together this little book trailer with quick excerpts from each story. Have fun, watch frequently, and, more importantly, share even more frequently!

Boogeyman Trailer

And, of course, here is where you can purchase the book. This book is being released first in E-formats, and the print formats will be following shortly. Stay tuned for the details as to what, where, when and how many cookies will be required to release the hounds of doooooooooom!

Amazon Link:

Boogeyman on Amazon

Barnes and Nobles Link:

Boogeyman on Barnesandnoble

And, after all is said and done, I greet thee with spirits uplifted, and a bright twinkle in my eye, and say once more unto thee: Be well and let the Boogeyman bite … deep!

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The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

What is the Next Big Thing? It is a way to ‘pass the baton’, if you will, between the new writers of today, allowing each one of them in turn to give an insight about her upcoming work, then tag her fellow writers to do the same. In this manner, I was tagged by Uvi Poznansky. (Blame her, it’s her fault! Heheheee.)

So here is a glimpse into my upcoming work:

What is the working title of your book?

Kill ’em All – Let the Zombie eat their brains (may change.) Why? ‘Cause I’m a zombie and I’m always hungry. And if I’m going to put a book out, it might as well have a catchy tittle, no?

Also working on a story for the next Heroes in Hell book series, published by Perseid Publishing. It will be fun and full of dust and hopes and interpersonal relationships and a spear and a Mother’s love for her son …

Where did the idea come from for the book?

A long time ago, in a universe coloured by a comb of a different style, there was a forum called Choate Road, which was the home for all things Werepigian. I used to rant and post up all kinds of weird things there. We were going to release a collection of these things way back when, but things turned and went down different paths, and since then, I’ve decided to put it together and publish it.

I’m stealing the Werepig’s term: “fun book” for this. Way back then, he put out one called: “Knock, knock; who’s there? Death!” and that was a hoot to be a part of. I’ve kind of been knocking it back and forth in my mind for a while since, and decided that 2013 is going to be the year that I come out gangbusters with stuff, so why not put this out?

What genre does your book fall under?

Horror / Fun / Poetry … ummm and in general terms, random!

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

Christopher Walken, Jessica Alba, Kirsty Swanson, Peter Weller, and the Taaco Bell Chihuahua.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Rants, rhymes, random and it’s not a what you might expect, from a zombie!

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

This one will probably be self-published; unless, of course, some publisher comes along between now and then and says: “Gotta print this, ZZ dude; we’ll give you gobs of cash for it. Come on, let us print it …” But I don’t think that scenario is gonna gel between now and when I finish putting it to the shiny side, so, we’ll proceed as we will, because that’s how we roll here in the zombie world.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Not really relevant, as it’s a collection of stuff from across about 2 years of random postings. Some new material that I put together just for this also. So, let’s go with a random, roundabout figure of a year and a half.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

The dictionary, the Autobiography of a Zombie, … uh, I dunno; most likely, it’s not a thing to compare, is it is more about how to share. Or something to that effect. I’m sure there’s other books out there like this, but, as it’s not a work of fiction, non fiction, or a single storey or story collection, it’s more a collection of weird, because that’s what I like … lots of random.

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

Everyone. Simply put, every interaction with every person I’ve ever met, is some form of inspiration for me. I watch people, listen to them, read their words; and everything that I come across percolates inside my brain for at least a minute or two, and gets filtered to the part of my brains that says: “oooo, tasty.”

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

I have cookies. They’re not in the book, but I have them. Also, I am planning on Total World Domination, and this is but one of many initiatives that are a part of the overall plan. By creating this piece of work, and releasing it to the world, I’m hoping to help many people (obviously of various dynamics and demographics from across the globe) to become prepared for that eventuality. Can’t make a World Empire, without cracking a few … eggs.

Include the link of who tagged you and this explanation for the people you have tagged.

I was tagged by Uvi Poznansky, whose blog is at: http://uviart.blogspot.ca/

Larry Atchley, Jr
Nick Nefarious
Terry Farris –
J-me Page

And now, the small print: a message for the tagged authors and interested others:
Rules of The Next Big Thing:
Use this format for your post
Answer the ten questions about your current WIP (Work In Progress)
Tag five other writers/bloggers and add their links so we can hop over and meet them.

Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing:

What is the working title of your book?

Where did the idea come from for the book?

What genre does your book fall under?

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Who or What inspired you to write this book?

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Include the link of who tagged you and this explanation for the people you have tagged.

Be sure to line up your five people in advance.

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Reality Bleeds


When all of Reality picks itself up and looks about itself, what, pray tell, do you believe it sees? Is it the lack of something to which humanity can ascribe? Is it the over abundance of blood scattered within fleshy bags of mostly living but sometimes not quite souls that cover the face of the planet?

Reality, check. It’s shaking itself awake, once again, and casting a critical eye across all that it may peruse. The world, such as we know it, and perhaps even deeper than that, a pertinent difference, is that Reality need not stop at the limits of the finite. We are creatures with whom we define ourselves and thus, attribute to ourselves, the limits that we thus place upon ourselves. Reality, on the other hand, has no such limit, no such delimiter that separates it from what it can and can’t do. It can do everything, because everything it cannot do, does not exist for it, therefore, is not an issue.

Rejoice, for this means many things. The beginning, the end, the time for which crackers will arise from their bed of salt and spread amongst the other snack foods and enrich or enlist or cut down those less than worthy, by their lack of merit, they will be judged. Arise, thou undead creature comforts that wallow amongst the backwoods of grocery shelves and the callow shoutings of dirty commonality. Arise, and feed and be fed upon by the lords of Chaos and the great Beyond.

Reality is coming, much like winter, but much more harsh, for she is less inclined to listen to the mewling complains of human and creatures combined. Reality, a harsh soul to be said, to be read. There is no compare, for when she rises, she really does not do much more than crash down upon the incomparable, the insane, the irredeemable, the multitude of souls hellbent on squirming their way skyward, to the realm of light, an absent, mother of night.

No light, no soul, no magic guidance nor thoughtful insight, Reality comes, and changes the rules, yet again. The things we think we see, think we know, think we can even glimpse a glimmer of understanding of, these things are lies, illusions that we warp around the silken cords that we attach to our separate and diverse situations. We smell the music, we hear the colours shifting in the sands of now and then, we drink deep the refuse of thousands of generations, and we build naught but self delusion and recrimination and abysmal continuation.

There is more to this, than what we see. We know this, yet shy time and again away from this Reality. The Real is everywhere and in the sliver of light that we hold in our hands, deep within our souls. There are infinite layers of subtlety and divergent complexities all wrapped by an overriding simplicity, we are, what we are; need we be aught else? Reality would say, yes; but then, Reality has its own agenda, one which we do not see, thus, should we abide by its choices? Or should we continue down our path, one that we’ve fought for many millennia to be the creatures that we are? Or should we shuck it all off and follow the wyrd of our Reality to dance to its tune? Or should we choose still something else?

The answers exist, if one has but the soul to open up to ask. But we are simple creatures, of habit, of want, of tricks and traps and cloudy chances with serenades and soup bubbles. There it lies, in wait, silent, wary, smiling from its bag of infinite thoughts, Reality. It’s coming, we have choices to make and no time to figure out the merits anymore. Tick, tock, the clock is gone; the rabbit ran and the cookies have all gone to war for supremacy in the grocery store.

How will you fare, when the thing that is afoot, is staring back at you from your tea cup? Will you run, will you fall, will you comply, will you call, will you chastise your brethren, will you pick up a stone and loft it back in retaliation or will you choose something more complex to establish your sanity upon a beach head of the unReal?

Think. Be. Choose. Create.

Increase pressure against the fabric of Reality. Most importantly of all, Remember. All things, all possibilities exist, but first, they must be breathed into life; speak, the spirit freely flown and fly amongst trees of the impossible, the fruit of Reality, and bounce back to resonate with all aspects of self and the impenetrable magnanimity of existence beyond the boundaries of mediocrity.

Be Brightness, bleed the light of self and be welcome amongst the many layers of the sublime, of Reality and Beyond.

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After Rot – it’s what we’ve got

Keep Calm

My, my. Look at that date. It’s pretty much a stone’s through away from December. Can you imagine that? And one short punt right after that, we’ll be entering ye olde venerable next year. I must say … didn’t see that one coming! Ha!

So, tonight, I want to talk about After Rot. If you know what that is already, eggscellent! You are, indeed, well edumacated; and I’m happy to be knowing of your acquaintance. For those of you who might not be as familiar as that, well, that’s what tonights’ entry is going to be all about.

After Rot is my online radio show. I’m quite pleased with the way it’s been shaping up so far. Issue 34 was just put in the bag this week (and uploaded to the weeb for archival purposes, and the general listening pleasure of ye and whomever might so enjoy.) Now, what could a zombie possibly talk about you might ask? Well, heck, all kinds of things.

Me and Jazzy chat about zombies and comics, how much mustard is bad, very bad for you and whatever the heck else I want to talk about; which is pretty much anything, because, apparently, when I get tired, I get random. And Random is the source, the spirit, the lifeblood of Life!

So, now that I’ve explained what the show is about, come on over and give us a listen. Join me, and my co host, Jazzy! We’re on every Wednesday at 9:00PM EST on The TMVCafe.


Be there, or be dessert.

And, if you want to check out the Archives, just go to this handy dandy link and listen to them all!

After Rot Archive!

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